The Kreative Life Kendra Williams MBAWelcome to The Kreative Life! I’m Kendra! I hope you enjoy our vibrant community as we embrace the beauty of balance and growth in every aspect of life. 

I’m a dynamic writer and dedicated mom, weaving together a tapestry of creativity for home, family, and the bustling life of fellow busy parents. My world is a colorful blend of practical DIY projects, delectable culinary explorations, and essential tips tailored for the modern, multitasker.

From the lively city of Miami, I bring my MBA expertise to the table, offering seasoned business advice and invaluable insights for small businesses, all through the lens of an experienced business professional and entrepreneur.

I’m hoping to make The Kreative Life the inspiration destination for all! There’s something here for everyone!

If you have a question, email me at kendra@ thekreativelife .com.