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Avoiding Dead Car Batteries in the Summer Heat

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. All opinions are 100% mine.

Avoiding Dead Car Batteries from the Summer Heat - The Kreative Life It is constantly warm here in south Florida. The winter months are steadily in the 70’s. In the spring and summer, the temperature really gets hot. It can be 80° at 8 in the morning. You can only imagine how much hotter it’ll be later in the day. I park my truck in the garage, so in the mornings the temperature in there is sweltering. There have been a couple of times where my truck has taken a little longer than I’d like to turn on. It’s not a big difference, but it is noticeable to me. Last year my battery completely died and I didn’t realize it until after I loaded the kids up in the truck to take them to school. Can you say I was hot and sweaty in my garage trying to jump my truck off of my husband’s truck. After that sweaty ordeal, I now take a few precautions that I’ve learned from Nationwide about 5 Ways to Help Avoid a Dead Car Battery During the Summer.  I always keep my truck in the garage. No matter how hot the garage is, it’s always hotter outside. I also try to find shaded areas to park when we’re out and about. I make it a point to not put so much strain on my battery during the summer. Sometimes I ride with my radio off or when I listen to music, I play it through my phone without it being plugged up to the truck. Another step that I take is to keep a portable car battery charger on hand. It helps when my battery does unexpectedly die. Last, but not least, another precaution to take is having roadside assistance, like Nationwide’s 24-hour roadside assistance. What precautions do you take to avoid a dead battery during the summer?

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    Increase your driving time. …
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    Keep it clean.
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