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Beach Bag Restore

I was cleaning out my closet recently when I came across our old vacation beach bag. I’ve had this bag for years. I don’t remember where I got it or why I’ve kept it for so long, but I think it’s time for an upgrade. The bag really isn’t in that bad of a condition, but it does show signs of wear and tear. The inside was intact and helped protect against wet clothes soaking through.

Beach Bag Redo 4


I figured that I could use it for a beach bag restore. All it took was a little outdoor fabric and fabric glue and it came out great! I can’t wait to use it for my next beach vacation. Enjoy!

First, I measured the width and length of the bag. I added 4” to the width and 2” to the length, so I could tuck the fabric under so there won’t be any frayed edges showing.

I turned the bag inside-out then cut a slit in the fabric on both sides of the handles, so they won’t be covered. Then, I glued the side flaps down around both handles.

The sides of the bag needed to be covered also, so I added a piece of fabric on each side and used fabric glue to attach it to the sides. I folded the frayed edges under and glued those down, as well.

Last, I took a small square piece of fabric and applied glue to the edges and folded them in. I glued the sides and bottom of the square to the side of the bag to make a pocket.

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