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Stylish DIY Beauty Storage Jars

I always do my best to keep my bathroom counters clear of clutter. I admit that sometimes (if you ask my husband he may say it’s more than just sometimes) I’m in a rush and leave makeup, brushes, and any other beauty product you can imagine just laying around. The counters in our guest bathroom don’t have that much space and I thought that if our guests wanted to get beautified they’ll have more clutter than I will. Every girl needs her cotton balls, Q-tips, and mani/pedi supplies, so I wanted to help them out.

There have been plenty of times when I traveled that I’ve packed a cosmetics bag with everything I needed to make up my face and for skincare, but when it’s time to use it I realize I may have forgotten a few things. I don’t want that to happen to my guest and I don’t want them to feel that they need to pack as much coming to my house because I have almost anything they need.

Here are some cute diy beauty storage jars that are easy to make and stylish. You can also use these as diy makeup storage. Enjoy!

What You Need: Glass Jar w/ Lid, Self-Adhesive Wall Paper Border, Measuring Tape, Mod Podge, Coordinating Ribbon (Optional)

Directions Make sure that the outside of the jar is clean and dry.

Measure the width of the jar, ensuring to slightly overlap the measuring tape.

Using the measurements from the jar, cut the wall paper border to the proper length and width.

Wrap the paper around the jar and secure the overlapping edges with Mod Podge.

Cut a piece of ribbon the width of the jar’s lid a glue down with Mod Podge. Allow jar to dry before filling with toiletries.

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