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Bluprint: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

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Bluprint: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Thank you to Bluprint, the new NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment streaming subscription service, for sponsoring today’s post. 

If you’ve been following me lately, then you know that I’ve been raving about Bluprint.com. If you’ve missed a couple of posts, then let me catch you up. 

Bluprint is an amazing online content library of expert videos and articles teaching everything from knitting, to starting a creative business, to the best fitness techniques.  

It has over 3,000 hours of courses and produces original entertainment series featuring creative experts who empower, inspire, and entertain us all, no matter our levels of expertise. 

Bluprint has inspired me to add a few items to my Bluprint and to learn a couple of ways to Bluprint. 

I want to share with you more ways of entertaining during the holidays, but before I get started I need to tell you about a great offer! 

Bluprint: The Gift That Keeps On Creating

Bluprint: The Gift That Keeps On Creating

If you need a last-minute gift for your crafty best friend, your mom who really wants to try out yoga, or your brother who’s just learning how to bake cookies for his family, then Bluprint has the perfect gift.  

Right now you can gift any of your friends and loved ones a subscription to Bluprint! There are several packages available. 

For $22.99 your gift will give 3 months of unlimited classes and an all-access pass to the recipient. For $42.99, you can give them a 6 month all-access pass with unlimited classes. If you want to gift them a 12 month subscription, then it’s only $79.99 (a $16 savings). That plan includes free shipping on craft supplies, along with unlimited classes and the all-access pass. 

After their subscription expires they’ll have the option to renew it, if they want to continue accessing the extensive Bluprint library. 

How can you beat that? 

Ok, now that we got all of the detaisls out of the way, I have some fun stuff for you!  

With us being in the thick of the holidays, here are some handy tutorials that you can find on Bluprint that will help you have a happy, festive holiday season. Enjoy! 

Happy Holiday Entertaining with Bluprint

Gifts for Holiday Guests

Bluprint - Tanis Gray

I may have mentioned this before, but when I have a get-together for the holidays, I want my guests to leave my home with more than just a plate of food. 

I like giving each one a little gift – something to remember the special occasion. 

These cute little Fair Isle Holiday Ornaments are the perfect little keepsake to give your guests at your next holiday party. 

Tanis Gray shows us how to make these festive knitted gifts. If you’re not much for a knitter, don’t worry. She explains step-by-step how to make these colorful ornaments. 

Your guests will love going home with a gift you made on your very own. 

Festive Food

Bluprint - Billy Harris

Besides homemade crafts, Bluprint also dishes up some tasty recipes! 

Billy Harris hosts Six Eats on Bluprint. Six Eats is a series showcasing culinary talents and their favorite holiday recipes. 

If you’re still unsure of your holiday menu, you can watch the holiday episode which shares tasty desserts like homemade fudge and a pumpkin spice cake roll. You can also find recipes and tips for roasted veggies and juicy turkey. 

Don’t forget that there are also videos for baking and cake decorating in the library. 

We all know that a tasty menu can make or break your holiday festivities, so start planning now with Bluprint! 

DIY Party Décor 

Blueprint - Kristen Johnson

We all know that I’m a big fan of diy projects. Anything I can diy, I’ll definitely do it. 

When it comes to hosting holiday festivities you may think that you don’t have time with all of the other planning going on. 

Well, let me tell you, Kristen Johnson has the cutest and most creative holiday décor idea I’ve seen in a while. 

It’s super easy and only requires a few supplies. Kristen makes a winter scene using plexiglass, paint, and battery lighting.  

This craft will only take a few minutes and your guests will be wowed with our 3D holiday décor. 

Dessert Decorating 

Bluprint Autumn Carpenter

During the holidays my sweet tooth tends to get out of control. I’m not sure what it is, but I love eating all kinds of pie, cakes, breads, and cookies. 

I think one thing that draws me to holiday desserts is how tasty they look. Yeah, I know that it’s going to be eaten anyway, but when I see a dessert that’s decorated for the holidays, I can’t help take a bite of it. 

You know what I mean. Pie crust that looks like leaves, dessert breads shaped like wreaths, and cookies in the shape of reindeer. 

If you want your holiday guests to gobble down your desserts, you should check out the Winter Snowman Cookies tutorial that Autumn Carpenter shares. 

She uses run-sugar icing to decorate the snowman cookies with colorful scarves and hats.

When you serve these cute little creations to your guests, they’re sure to disappear faster than a snowflake melts. 

Picture-Perfect Place Settings

Bluprint - Wendy Rose Gould

After all of the hard work you put in from cooking, finishing homemade gifts, and decorating, you want everything to look perfect. 

You thought about everything because it all needs to be picture-perfect for when you and your guests take tons of group pics and selfies to remember the holidays. 

When you’re planning, don’ forget about your place settings.  

With all of the delicious looking food you’ve cooked, you know everybody will want to take pictures of their food. 

How about give them a fancy backdrop to go with that fancy food of yours? 

Wendy Rose Gould shares 5 tips for an insta-worthy holiday table. You’ll learn basic techniques for setting a table, as well as how to add a little pizzaz for the holidays. You’ll also find out how to add a little personal touch to wow your guests! 

If you’re excited about Bluprint as much as I am, don’t forget to give the digital gift of a Bluprint subscription for a loved one or for yourself! 

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