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Upcycled Flower Watering Jug

This is the first time in a while that I’ve planted flowers around the house. We’ve recently moved from Colorado to Virginia and the soil here is quite different than it is there. We had such a hard time getting even our grass to grow because we were so close to the mountains.

In Virginia we have a hard time keeping our grass at a decent length because it grows so fast. The soil here is way better for planting!

Every evening I walk around the house watering my flowers and potted strawberries. My almost two-year old insists on coming out with me and somehow always beat me to the door.  

I use an old baby water jug to water my flowers and now it’s his job to get the jug and help me fill it with water.  A couple of times he’s made the mistake of grabbing one of the new jugs of water, so I wanted to make him an upcycled flower watering jug for him so he knows exactly which one to grab. Enjoy!

What I Used                                                                                                                          

1 Empty Water Jug, 1 Can Spray Paint, Coordinating Acrylic Paints (Any Colors), Sponge Brushes, Spray On Paint Sealer, Steak Knife

What I Did

Removed the label from the outside of the jug and washed it with hot water and soap to remove any dirt, grease, or sticker residue.

Sprayed the jug and allowed spray paint to dry. I then used a sponge brush to paint the designs onto the jug. Next I evenly sprayed paint sealer onto the jug.

Last I used a steak knife to poke holes in the top for the water to flow out.


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