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DIY Man Cave Throw Blanket

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I had to wait a few days before I was able to share this with you. It was a Father’s Day present for my husband and I didn’t want to spoil the surprise of his diy man cave throw blanket. If I would’ve posted it before this past Sunday then I know for sure he would have seen it. He does keep up with my blog just to see what new things I’ve worked on.

Even though I always buy him things to fix up his man cave I wanted to make something that would be special (and something I could use to snuggle in). This diy man cave blanket is perfect! It wasn’t difficult to figure out how to make a throw blanket and it’s so warm and comfy. Enjoy!

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What You Need for Your Homemade Blanket

2 Yards of Team Logo Fleece Fabric, 2 Yards Coordinating Color Fleece Fabric, 1 Tape Measure, 1 Pair of Scissors

Directions for a DIY Man Cave Throw Blanket

Step 1. Lay the two pieces of fabric on a flat surface with the backs facing each other. Make sure all kiddos are out of the way or you will have one in the way playing while you’re trying to work.

Step 2. I made cuts 2 ¼” wide x 4 ½” long into both pieces of fabric. You can make any size cuts you choose. The longer the cuts the more frilly it will be. I didn’t think my husband would want a very frilly blanket.

Step 3. Grab the cuts from each of the pieces of fabric and tie into an individual knot. Tie all of the cuts on the blanket. I tied all four corners and then worked my way around the blanket.

If you liked this no sew blanket for your man cave and are looking to add a little more decor, check out this diy floating shelf tutorial!


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  1. More of a Steelers fan myself, but I can cheer for the Saints. I love this idea! It is so hard to shop for a man and you created the perfect gift. I love it.

  2. OMG we used to make these all of the time when my kids were younger! Great and super easy craft project that leads to something that is truly USEFUL ! Great post.

  3. We have a blanket like this and we love it for when we watch soccer games and other sporting events in the frigid Chicago weather. I never knew they were so easy to make!

  4. I love it!! I think I’m gonna head to the fabric store and see if I can do this, this is actually something I can do sincce its no sew!!! LOVE IT!!

  5. I love the steps you have provided. My wife and I have tried so many times to get these blankets accurate everytime but we tend to make each very different and very unique ha ha. I like the rule and guidlines you have laid out. Will definitely get to the nexxt blanket right away. I wonder whose birthday is comin up? Thanks for the info!