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Fall Bucket List: Fun Activities & Tutorials

This fall bucket list has several new and fun activities you can learn this season.

Thank you to Bluprint, the new NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment streaming subscription service, for sponsoring today’s post.

Autumn is in full swing and the air definitely feels crisper. The leaves are changing colors and I’m in the mood to have every room in my home smell of cinnamon and orange spice. I’m one of those people who can’t wait for the pumpkin patches to open and to start baking tons of fall treats. My fall bucket list gets longer and longer each year.

Lately I’ve been scouring the web for something new to do this year. Yes, I’ll keep my old traditions of playing football outside with my boys, making fun leaf crafts, and decorating our front porch, but I want something different to add to my list.

I want to take up new hobbies and activities that I can use now and all through the year. I want to do things that’ll inspire me creatively and help me spend more fun time with my family.

I recently learned about Bluprint. It’s an amazing online content library of expert videos and articles teaching everything from knitting, to starting a creative business, to the best fitness techniques. The family-tailored content is suitable for kids ages 6 to 12 years old, which includes Kid in the Kitchen and tutorials on creating bedroom wall murals.

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There’s definitely no shortage of ideas because the Bluprint library has over 3,000 hours of courses and produces original entertainment series featuring creative experts who empower, inspire, and entertain us all, no matter our levels of expertise.

If you’re as excited as I am about getting started with Bluprint, I want you to join me in adding a few things to your fall bucket list too. You’ll be sure to find online learning courses in crafts, as well as music, writing, dance, yoga, home décor and so much more to fit your lifestyle.

Getting Our Fall Bucket List Started with Bluprint

Before we get started searching through the various courses available, you have to set up an account. The expanded subscription service gives you access to the complete library of courses 24/7.

Beginning this Friday, October 5 through October 12, Bluprint will be hosting its Get Started Event allowing makers, doers and creatives alike to stream unlimited classes and series for free with registration.

Pretty easy, right?

Once you’re logged in and are on the homescreen, just click the Explore tab in the top left hand corner to browse the categories.

Fall Bucket List with Bluprint tutorials.

I’ve really into paper crafting lately, so I chose that category to dive into. You can see all of the videos and tutorials available.

Fall Bucket List Activities

After going through the entire Bluprint catalog, I’ve narrowed the activities to add to my current bucket list for the fall. These are things I’ve wanted to try for a while or have tried and still need a little help with.


Add crocheting to your fall bucket list for this year.

I’ve always wanted to learn how to crochet. When I lived in Colorado there really was a need for big scarves, fluffy hats, and thick gloves. I don’t like the cold that much, so staying warm and toasty was a priority for me.

Now that I live in Miami, I don’t need the fluffy winter gear, unless we’re traveling during the colder months. However, I still like fluffy blankets and slippers when I’m inside under the cool ac.

I want to have lofty expectations of my first crocheting project being a nice warm blanket, but realistically, I need to start a lot smaller since I’m just learning.

I found a cool tutorial on Bluprint teaching how to crochet the prettiest little ombré coffee mug cozy. The steps are written out in a way that I (an extreme beginner) can understand and it includes step-by-step pictures.

Once I master my coffee mug cozy making, then I can move on to bigger and better projects. I may even be able crochet holiday gifts for my family.


Try yoga for your fall bucket list this year.

I know it seems a little weird to add yoga to an autumn bucket list, but it makes sense to me. I want to do more outside fall activities and I think yoga would be a great one to add to the list. It’s not blazing hot outside and it’s not our rainy season.

Being outside and connecting with nature seems like the perfect space to practice yoga.

I’m by no means well-versed in yoga at all. I know the child’s pose and downward dog, but that’s where my knowledge ends.

Bluprint offers a video course on how to use yoga for holistic health. Since I’ve been learning to live a more holistic life this year, I think this course would be great to add to my fall lineup.

It’ll get me more focused on my health and I’ll have a jumpstart on the new year fitness crunch.

Paper Craft Flowers

Learn how to make paper craft flowers for your fall bucket list.

We all know that I love crafting. Anything having to do with being creative with my hands is my forté!

I’ve been seeing these beautifully crafted paper flowers online all year and I’ve never sat down to make my own.

Now that fall is here, it’s time that I add this to my bucket list so I can make some before the year ends.

I like having blooming flowers in my house, but since my youngest has pretty bad allergies, I keep it to a minimum. Making these beautiful paper craft flowers by following the Bluprint video tutorials will allow me to have the beauty of flowers in my home without having my son end up with the constant sniffles.

I also can choose the types and colors of flowers I can learn to make. The tutorials include instructions for wild roses, peonies, Icelandic poppy, ranunculus, floribunda roses, and air plants.

A paper flower arrangement will look great as part of my fall décor to brighten up my dining table or kitchen counter.

Baking Holiday Breads

Write baking holiday bread on your fall bucket list this year.

Baking cakes in cookies in the fall have been a tradition in my household almost every weekend. My sons will get their little aprons and chef hats and we’ll make different types of cookies, depending on what type of ingredients we have on-hand.

One thing that I’m hesitantly going to admit is that I suck at making homemade breads. Yep, the truth will set me free!

When I was a kid, I tried making my own bread by just using flour and water. I didn’t know about adding salt, baking soda, and all of the other stuff.

Let’s just say that I was a sad 10-year old when my bread came out of the oven and was hard as a rock.

Over the years I’ve tried making bread again, but it’s always been lacking, so I stuck with cookies and cakes (even though my husband does more cake baking than I do).

Now that fall is here and the holidays are just a few weeks away, I’m adding bread making to my fall bucket list.

It’s about time that I’ve learned to make a proper bread. Now that Bluprint is here to offer full step-by-step video tutorials on holiday bread making, I have no excuse not to learn.

My family is coming to town for the holidays, so I’m planning on impressing them with homemade holiday bread.

Thank you, Bluprint!

Photographing Nature

Your fall bucket list must include learning how to photograph landscapes this year.

The changes happening outside during the fall are amazing. I love photographing flowers close up, but I’ve never really done an entire landscape.

Since I’m in Miami, I want to take advantage of the unique landscape that we have by adding coastal landscape photography to my fall bucket list.

It’ll be a new skill that I’ll learn using the Bluprint tutorials and I may get good enough where I can print my pictures on canvas and hang them around my home.

If you want to try landscape photography for one of your new activities in autumn, Bluprint also offers tutorials for photographing other types of landscapes.

Can you imagine having your own artwork hanging up in your home?

Now that we know what I’m going to be doing this fall, do you have any Bluprint video courses that you’d like to add to your bucket list, so that you can learn something new this season?

If you’re still undecided, Bluprint will be hosting its Get Started Event from Friday, October 5 through October 12 allowing makers, doers and creatives alike to stream unlimited classes and series for free with registration. And now through October 20, visitors have the option to select one of two limited time offers: Monthly subscription for $9.99 (regularly $14.99) OR Annual subscription for $100 (regularly $120) + a free Bluprint Box of their choice.

You can use Bluprint on-demand on your desktop, mobile, and via the Bluprint app on Roku. For more details, please go to www.mybluprint.com.





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