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Handling Parenting Challenges

Effective Ways to Handle Parenting Challenges - The Kreative Life

Hello! I’m Julie from Soldier’s Wife, Crazy Life. Today, I’m happy to be guest posting for Kendra and sharing some of my best ways to handle parenting challenges for those times you just don’t know what to do.

Parenting can be so hard sometimes. Whether it is when your child is going through a new stage or when you just feel like nothing is working the way it should.

It’s challenging and it can sometimes seem you are hitting a brick wall with whatever is going on between you and your child.

From the time they are little babies and might have issues with feeding or sleep to the teenage years when you just don’t know if they are really listening to you and you have to worry about their grades.

The reality is, this is parenting. You will encounter challenges that feel so very hard. So what do you do when you hit that point? What is the best way to handle parenting challenges?

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Perspective of Parenting Challenges

When it comes to parenting, perspective can go a very long way. Think about your current problem and remember that it will not last forever.

Potty training was so hard for me with my three boys. While we were in the middle of it, I felt like we were never going to get through that phase. I would break down in tears over it.

I didn’t understand why it was taking so long for them to understand how to use the bathroom.

However, when I stopped to think about everything, I knew that my kids were not going to be in diapers forever. Unless a child has a medical issue of some kind, they will be able to be potty trained and go on in their lives diaper free.

Remembering that stages do not last forever is a way to get to a better place when it comes to your parenting.

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Ask Friends for Help with Parenting

Mom friends are great to have. They can help you through parenting issues that you are having trouble with. You probably know someone who has children that are older than yours.

If you are really stuck, bring the issue up with them. They might have a solution to help you through what you are dealing with.

Even if your mom friends don’t have personal experience with a certain parenting issue they might be able to offer another perspective you have not thought about before.

Talking things out with other people is always helpful and can help you figure out what you should do to help your child get through it.

Make a Plan

Sometimes it is a good idea to make an actual plan and put it down on paper, no matter what the parenting situation you are dealing with is. Writing out what you can do can really help you come up with something.

If your child is having trouble in school, you can figure out what can help them get passed the issue. Think about what your options are and make a plan.

Even if your plan doesn’t work out the way you want it to, you can go back and make changes. Being able to work towards your parenting goals is a good feeling and helps you feel like you are on the right track.

What do you do when you have parenting challenges?

Tips for Handling Parenting Challenges - The Kreative Lfie

Hello! I’m Julie from Soldier’s Wife, Crazy Life. I’m a blogger & social media lover living in Tennessee. I’ve been married for 13 years to my National Guard Soldier and have three boys, 11, 9 & 5. You can follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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  1. I think we are all just trying to do our best and if all else fails, like you said – ask someone else. Sometimes other people have great advice.

  2. I think for each kid is different and you have to base what you do and how the child is. These are all great tips!

  3. These are definitely important to keep in mind. There is always help out there if you ask for it. I know my friends and family helped me through a lot.

  4. As a parent, I just make sure I’m giving it my all in terms of love, care, financial support and all that. It’s challenging, yes, but it sure is worth it.

  5. This is very helpful. We have been going through a lot of our firsts as our son gets older, and I get so frustrated sometimes. But it definitely is important to stop and think about perspective.

  6. It is really a difficult task, this parenting thing. I am not a perfect parent, and I always hear that from my mom. But I know, deep in my heart, I did my best in raising my children. They may have their flaws, but to me, they are perfect and raised with lots of love.

  7. I did feel like I was hitting a brick wall during the teen years sometimes but like you said perspective would help. I just tried to remember how I thought of things at that age.

  8. I always am asking my friends who are parents, questions. Ones that I know won’t judge me and I offer advice too.

  9. Parenting is one of the most fulfilling yet difficult “job” in the world. As parents, we are faced with different scenarios almost on a daily basis. I think that’s what makes it exciting at the same time.

  10. According to me! At a certain point in time, every parent will control and starts showing their anger on the children. If the parents started screaming the children won’t be able to that much free with them. so instead of screaming make them listen to your words with love.

  11. Great Blog! Thanks for sharing these tips. These would be really helpful for all parent out there.