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DIY Nursery Wall Art in 3D

Now that both of my babies are officially out of our bedroom and sharing a room, I’m starting to finally decorate their room. I didn’t know where to start at all until my 2 year old started recognizing and naming different animals. Two of his favorites are elephants and giraffes, that’s why I decided to do a jungle themed diy nursery wall art with 3D lettering. I already knew that I didn’t want all of the jungle colors. A simple color pallet would do. His room in Colorado was shades of blue and brown, so I’m going to stick to the same colors. This diy nursery craft is the first of many baby/toddler bedroom projects to come. Enjoy!

What I Used: A Faux Leather Letter, Spray Paint (Baby Blue), Picture Frame, Cardboard, Glue Gun,Fabric (Elephant Print)



Place the letter on paper and spray it with the paint. Allow the letter to dry.

Cut the cardboard to the size of the inside of the picture frame.

Glue the frayed edges of the fabric to the back of the cardboard. Outline the front edges of the cardboard with the hot glue and wrap the fabric around the front. Make sure to press the fabric down firmly while pulling tight.

When the glue is dry, push the cardboard into the frame.

Spread glue on the back of the letter. Firmly press the letter onto the center of the cardboard. Make sure the glue is dry before hanging.

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