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Customized Mother’s Day Coffee Mug

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This will be a very special Mother’s Day for me. It’s not the first Mother’s Day I’ve celebrated. Of course I’ve celebrated Mother’s Day for my mom, my sisters, and friends, but I’ve never celebrated Mother’s Day for me. This is the first year that I am a mom! There is nothing in the world that can describe the feeling of waking up every morning and seeing my smiling baby’s face. I love how he says “mama” and “dada” when he wants us to pick him up or play with him. I love how he gets endless giggle attacks that make me laugh so hard I cry. The feeling I get just from watching him fall asleep as I rock him is so amazing! He is my baby and I am his momma.

I know he is only nine months old and Mother’s Day is just like any other day to him, but I wanted something celebrating this very special Mother’s Day. He is too young to go out and buy me something himself and I know whatever Mother’s Day gift his daddy gets me will be from them both, but I wanted something that I can see everyday that will show me how special being a mom really is.

Ordering My Customized Mother’s Day Coffee Mug

I have album after album of pictures of me being pregnant with him and pictures of him over the past nine months. It’s easy to order pictures but I know I won’t be pulling out my photo albums every single day. I hopped onto Shutterfly.com to see what customized Mother’s Day gifts they have available.

I searched through their endless catalog of photo books, canvas prints, magnets, iPhone cases, woven blankets, and so much more. I finally decided to order an 11 oz. ceramic photo mug. What else do I use everyday that I can see first thing in the morning that will put a great big smile on my face (besides my baby’s smiling face, of course)?

The ordering process was a simple as can be. There were basically four easy steps to order my mug. First I chose the color of the mug I wanted. The choices were black or white and I chose white.Next I uploaded as many pictures as I wanted, so I could choose which photos to add to my mug.

Then I was able to place the photos on the mug. For the layout I chose, I was able to add five different pictures. I’m glad I had the option of cropping the photos before permanently placing them because I am not the best picture taker.

After I placed all of my pictures, I was able to preview what my mug would look like once I received it. There were front, back, and side views.

I placed my order and I was able to track my package on its way to my house. It only took five business days for me to receive it. Can you believe that? I never expected it to come so quickly because my personal pictures needed to be printed on it.

I received my 11 oz. ceramic mug and I was all smiles. The printing quality was far better than expected. The pictures weren’t faded and the sizing was perfect.

Now I have my very first Mother’s Day gift from me, to me!

*This would be great for any mom, so make sure to visit Shutterfly.com to order your gift in time for Mother’s Day.*

All statements and opinions herein are my own. I received an 11 oz. ceramic mug as compensation for this review. I am disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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  1. I’ve never considered buying myself my own Mother’s Day present…but you surely have inspired me now! I think it’s necessary to treat ourselves, as the hard-working mommies that we are. Well deserved! /BeautifulAnd Happy 1st Mother’s Day! 🙂

  2. I love that you got yourself a mug – and that mug is a perfect idea. It’s really sweet! What a precious way to commemorate your first year as a mom!