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Toddler Autumn Finger Paint Art

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I spend a lot of time doing crafty or DIY projects for my house. My 2-year old always watches and does his best to help even if he does get in the way. Hot glue, hammers, and spray paint are things toddlers shouldn’t be playing with. I have been letting him do a lot of hand painting lately. This usually leads to smeared paint on paper, tables, and even floors. I keep all of his artwork. I’m planning a big project with all of it, so I keep it in a stack put away. I wanted him to do something that he’ll be able to display right now and be proud of. He really had fun with this project and even got to put it on the fridge himself. Enjoy!

What We Used Acrylic Pain (Brown, Red, Orange, a Mix of Brown and Orange), 8×8 Yellow Cardstock, Sponge Brush, Fingers (Of Course)

What We Did I used a sponge brush and quickly painted the trunk and branches of a tree using brown paint.

We put small dots of the red, orange, and brown/orange paint onto a small piece of cardboard. Since my son likes to paint everything in sight and would smear the paint all over the paper, my husband helped him paint small finger prints onto the paper.

The fingerprints were placed around the branches and on the ground to represent the leaves.

I stenciled the year onto the paper and allowed the paint to dry. My son then got to hang the picture onto the fridge.

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